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Dear customers and partners!


Our company has moved to the next stage of development, which every growing company come across   - they start to fake it. We are concerned for the health of our customers and do not want anyone to suffer from fakes and fraud. Therefore, in this section, we will expose fake websites and suppliers of Golden Dragon.


We receive questions about one of the impostors, we have made a research of the registration of his domain and are happy to present an analysis of the first character:  gd-pharmaceuticals.com.


1. Domains registration dates

Let's check the domains registration dates of this domain and gd-pharmaceuticals.com.

Gd-pharm.com domain was registered in 2013:

gd pharm cr date


Gd-pharmaceuticals.com was registered in October 2020:

gd pharmaceut cr date


2. Products


To this date, Golden Dragon do not have growth hormone in the range. What you see in the photo below is someone's creative:


goldentr 11

goldentr 22

goldentr 33

We also draw your attention to the fact that as of February 2021, there are no photos of other products than growth hormone on the fake website. But, as it is written above – today we do not have growth hormone.


The fake site contains screenshots of our products from our website and downloaded from the Internet, but in such a way that the name of the site gd-pharm.com is not visible on the photos.


There is information that such fakes will soon appear on the market of Portugal and Spain.


You can always find our authorized distributors and check the verification code from the sticker with hologram.